Two cups of coffee or tea a day can enhance your intellectual performance.

Dieticians often instruct to avoid coffee and tea or suggest switching to green tea, but scientific researches on caffeine say something else. Normally people drink coffee or tea to remain alert for longer, but now scientific studies conducted at various research institutes under supervision of different health institutes , doctors and forerunners healthcare review that caffeine enhances the mental performance, if is consumed in the right quantity.

According to reports by healthcare institutes two cups of tea or coffee are good for better intellectual efficiency and alertness. At the same time researches by various forerunners healthcare review that when we enhance caffeine intake beyond a limit, it stops working in a positive way. For example if we make it a habit to have five to six cups of coffee or tea for one week, we start experiencing weariness and feel sleepy despite having many cups of tea or coffee.

As per researches two cups of coffee contain approximately 100 to 200mg of caffeine while a cup of tea consists of around 30 to 60mg of caffeine. When one starts having four to five cups of coffee everyday, the body becomes habitual to 400mg of caffeine everyday therefore coffee doesn’t keep you awake any longer.

As per researchers conducted by nutritionists and different forerunners healthcare review, tea and coffee contain some mood building chemicals that keep the mind a little extra conscious and active. In fact, studies also show that apart from the caffeine, tea and coffee also contain a chemical theophylline that has good medicinal content for asthma patients.

Only tea is the combination of caffeine, theophylline and another chemical named theobromine that is a good mood stimulant and makes your brain secrete a little extra quantity of the chemicals responsible for good memory and quick thinking process. So if you are into some creative profession or highly intellectual field then develop habit of having two cups of coffee or of tea a day to stay in good mood and enhance your proficiency.

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