There Are Only Two Kinds of Humans in the World – Obese and Malnourished.

With the new age dormant life styles and presence of certain quantity of pesticides in almost every food product, there is nobody who is absolutely healthy and is not vulnerable to any disease. The continuous researches through the years have shown that now the world has only two kinds of human beings, one who are obese and the second who are malnourished.

As per the continuous studies conducted by various institutes and forerunners health care complaints of diabetes, blood pressure and low immunity are found in everybody and who are not having these complaints are prone to allergies or lack of some nutrient or the other. This is the fact though deniable that due to modern farming techniques and due to the trend of processed and frozen food, nobody is gaining complete nutrition. Some health conscious people though prefer health supplements to overcome the deficiency of nutrition in their routine diet but the argument can not be denied that health supplements have some drawbacks as well.

In the opinion of agriculture institutes, various researchers and forerunners healthcare complaints of malnutrition appear despite one taking health supplements due to low strength of nutrients in the powder form. Actually health supplements are made by drying the nutritious food items and converting them into powdered form. A high quantity of natural nutrients fades away during the drying or pulverizing process.

The health supplements that are made from the fruits found in certain regions only compel manufacturers to add artificial additives to meet the rising demand in the market. As per nutrition experts and various forerunners healthcare complaints among obese people are also largely due to malnutrition that results into de-vitalization of hormones that control appetite and digestion.

Irregular appetite and digestive system are primarily responsible for overeating that leads to obesity but if the body is getting complete nutrition, there is no other reason for irregularity in the digestive system. Whatever the reasons are, the bottom line is that inevitable malnutrition in contemporary food products leads to both obesity and malnourishment

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