Dig Out More About the Flavored Food Scam

These days’ ready to eat foods are offering a vast range of flavors advertised as containing added nutrition benefits but do those benefits truly exist? According to researches by agricultural institutes and various forerunners healthcare scam of synthetic flavors still has the ability to befool those unaware of the facts.

The fact is in all packaged flavored meals whether it is strawberry yoghurt or pineapple yoghurt, are flavored with flavors made from combination of chemicals rather than the actual extracts of stated ingredients. Same is the case with the flavored creams or milk products. On the other hand when you order pineapple yoghurt or strawberry yoghurt in a hotel or restaurant or prepare the same at home where you can see slices of fruits, this definitely bestows health benefits, but one should not expect the same from flavored foods.

In opinion of different researchers and forerunners healthcare scam of flavored food items is meant to please taste buds only and one should not depend on them when following some diet plan. When a company advertises its product saying flavored then it clearly means that the manufacturer has made it to taste like the flavor of some fruit but it doesn’t mean that it actually contains the same. Therefore when you read natural pineapple flavor or natural strawberry flavor on the wrapper, it means that this is the imitation of the taste of the fruit.

In the same context, as stated by many nutrition experts and forerunners healthcare scam will be a wrong judgment for the flavored foods. A very few people know but it is a truth that companies only advertise the products for having natural flavors and that never means that the products contains the real fruit of its extracts. This is the reason why till now the flavored foods have not been challenged for not being authentic by any food quality check authorities or organizations.

So it’s better if you are eating something for health benefits then don’t depend on readymade flavored foods and prefer to add slices of original fruits instead.

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