10 Things to Know Before You Buy Single Serve Coffee Maker

With the demands of everything instant, coffee makers are not behind with the trend either. There are coffee makers that provide instant, tasty and special coffee just for you termed as the Single Serve Coffee Makers. As the name suggests, they serve single cup of coffee with each brewing. This cost friendly coffee maker gives you the coffee shop instant experience at home anytime you want.

Benefits of Single Serve Coffee Maker

A single serve coffee maker can make your mornings easy and help you get a great start to the day. Let us look at some of the benefits of the single serve coffee maker before we move on to buying considerations:

Instant Coffee

This is your answer to hectic mornings. Single serve coffee maker is a best fit for your busy mornings as it gives a quick, hassle free cup of coffee and make your day a lot better. Being fast is the Unique Selling Point for this amazing coffee maker.

No Measuring Required

Single serve coffee maker makes a single, quick cup of coffee. You can make creamy lattes or gourmet coffees and it is easy because you don’t need to measure the ingredients and think of excess or shortage. You should just know the details for your coffee and the job is done.

Easy To Operate

The electric single serve coffee machine is very easy to operate and also user friendly. Anyone can fix a good cup of coffee for themselves very easily. It helps to save time and makes the coffee drinking experience tireless.

Travel Friendly

The single serve coffee maker is not hefty and can be carried along on trips as well. If you have a long road journey ahead, a cup of coffee can make it easy, keep you fresh and also add to your enjoyment. It can be easily packed and carried along without being a burden.

10 Things to Know Before You Buy Single Serve Coffee Maker

Single serve coffee maker comes in lots of types, features and other variables. You cannot make a random choice unless you are okay with any type of coffee. However, when you can get the best, you should not settle for less. Below are the things you need to know while shopping for a suitable single serve coffee maker.

Buying Cost Of Coffee Maker

Cost is the primary consideration for buying an appliance. Compare the prices to identify which coffee maker is cost effective and still offers the features that you need. While considering the price do not settle for a lower price without checking whether it is durable and has basic features. Price is a good determining factor but should not be the only one.

Operating Cost Of Running

A coffee maker is not an one time expense. It has a lot of running cost attached to it. You will need ingredients and accessories as per your preferences. Consider the cost of all of this and then decide the type of coffee maker depending on your affordability. This will help you avoid buying a coffee maker that you don’t use because of ancillary cost.

Type Of Coffees Made

Different types of single serve coffee makers offer different varieties of coffees. Based on the type of coffee you prefer, you will need to choose the one that fits best. A single serve offers all sorts of regular coffee, gourmet coffee and even creamy lattes. Some single serve can offer tea and hot chocolate as an add-on as well. Since these are pocket friendly, a little indulgence will not hurt.


Capacity Of The Machine

As the name suggests, it serves a single cup for each time. This should be considered with respect to how many cups you need to serve. If you have a big household with all enjoying the coffee in morning, then this might not be your ideal pick. Define your needs and check the capacity of the coffee machine to make your decision.

Power Utilized

This is not commonly considered as a determining factor but in case of single serve coffee maker, it is an essential point. There are two types of single serve, electric and gravity. Electric coffee maker uses electricity to run while the gravity coffee maker uses air pressure and time to percolate the coffee grounds.

Easy To Use

The ease of using a coffee machine is on high priority while deciding the model and single serve is preferred for it’s ease. When you have to do morning chores and get ready, you don’t want a coffee machine that takes up most of the time due to it’s working mechanism. A model that is simple and serves your coffee without much ado is ideal.

Additional Features

The option to brew coffee plus other drinks like iced coffee and hot chocolate is an example of additional feature. Based on the type of coffee you need, you should look for the features it gives. There are a number of variations available for the types of brewers, there are brewers good for one cup as well as brewers with a height to accommodate a bigger glass as well.

Tangible Size Of The Coffee Maker

Size of the machine depends on the kitchen space you have. Match the space available with the options and then choose a model. If you want a good sized machine, you might need to adjust other things in kitchen and make space for it. Plan it well so that there is no conundrum at the end.

Accessories With Coffee Maker

Single serve coffee maker can have lot of accompanying accessories like extra filters, types of cups and capsules. Each has it’s own use and advantages. Check all the accessories that are offered and the utility of each one for you.

Easy To Maintain

Just like the operating of machine, the handle and care should also be relatively easy. You would do well to wash the machine from time to time so you must consider how easy is it to clean the coffee machine that you are choosing to buy.

These are some of the pointers that you must keep a check of when buying your single serve coffee maker. The purpose is to make coffee making an enjoyable experience for you. When you are well aware, the decisions are clearer and easier to make.…